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University of California Livermore Retirees Group

Court Papers 1

The leading numbers are the date of the action. The format is YYYYMMDD which allows natural sorting of the files by date.

20100811 Case Management Conference

20100811 Civil Cover filed

20100811 Petition Filed

20100811 UC Answer to Amended Writ Petition

20100811 UC Answer to Petition

20100819 Presentation of Service

20100823 Acceptance of Service

20100922 Counter Complex Case Designation

20101103 UC Demurrer to our Petition

20101103 UC Memorandum of Points

20101103 UC Proof of Service

20101103 UC Proposed Order

20101103 UC Request for Judicial Notice

20101108 Response to Designation

20101110 Requa Decl Exhibs

20101122 Denial of COMPLEX_CASE

20101122 Hearing moved to 20101216

20101122 Requa Objection to RJN

20101206 Opposition to Demurrer

20110324 Appendix of Non-CA Authorities

20110324 Proposed Order

20110324 UC MPA ISO Demurrer Amended Writ

20110324 UC Notice Demurrer to Amended Writ

20110324 UC Request for Judicial Notice

20110404 Our Request for Judicial Notice

20110427 Respondent Reply

20110505 Oposition Demurer

20110505 Opposition Judicial Notice

20110527 Order Respondents Demurer

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