Preserving University of California Livermore Retiree's Rights

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University of California Livermore Retirees Group

Legal Documents

The leading numbers are the date of the action. The format is YYYYMMDD which allows natural sorting of the files by date.

19960501 LLNL Contract Part 1

19960501 LLNL Contract Part 2

20050713 DOE Complex Reconfiguration

20050901 Survivor Handbook

20060427 DOE Pension & MedicalPolicy n3511.1

20061003 Contractor Human Resource White Paper

20070101 HealthNet NonMedicare

20070401 Job Security Fact Sheet

20070401 UC Retirement Plan w/o SS

20070401 Vacation & Sick Leave

20070618 Employee Briefing

20070712 Approved Benefits Package Summary v2

20070801 LLNS Benefit Package Briefing Rev

20070807 LLNL Retiree Pres FINAL 2

20070807 LLNS Retiree Benefit Package Briefing

20070830 LLNL HW Termination Checklist

20070907 LLNSQA

20070917 LLNLQA09192007

20071001 HeathNet HMO

20071001 LLNS Benefits Summary

20071001 LLNS Generic Ret Higher

20080327 Transfer Of Assett Part III Section J

20080629 Pension & Retirement Benefits

20090101 Med w/SS

20090101 Med wo/SS

20101122 Opposition to Demurrer

20101122 Requa Decl Exhibs

20130210 2nd Amended petition

Court Papers 1 Xfer Pension Court Papers 2 New Contract LLNL RFP