10/14/10 Status Report




Legal Activity:


On 10/5/10, UC filed a demurrer, which is a request to throw out our filing. The ball is back in our court again. The new filings, all 6 of them, are available from the web site. There is a new experimental data archive which can be reached from a link added experimental data archive” at the bottom the last updated section of the main page. As soon as I get time, it will replace the document lists on the left side of the page.


Tom Sinclair is out of town for the rest of the month so we will probably be asking for a delay in responding to UC.


Our lawyers haven’t told us to give up yet so I assume UC’s response is not devastating.





Our press release was issued on the 12th and is available through a link on the website under “last updated” CaliforniaWatch put a story on their blog which can also be accessed by a link under “last updated”. The Daily Cal is working on a story as well. It will be a while before we will know how widely it will spread.