UCLRG Status Report 10/25/13



The Good News:


Last month, we filed a motion asking the Court for permission to file a Second Amended Petition (SAP) containing class action allegations.  As it turned out, the Regents stipulated that we could file the SAP.  Both sides submitted a stipulation to the Court saying Petitioners could file the SAP.  The Court permitted the filing.


We have now filed the amended petition. New petitioners (aka plaintiffs) include Robert Becker, Gregory Bianchini, Geores Buttner, Alan Hindmarsh, Steve Hornstein, Cal Wood and Sharon Wood. The new petition looks a lot like the old one. The major change is bringing a class action rather than asking for a writ of mandate. The new petition is now posted in the web site information archive under legal fiings


The ball is now in UCÕs court. Assuming history repeats itself, the will probably ask for a Demurrer. We wonÕt speculate on what justification they will use.



The Bad News:


As much as I hate to admit it, the time has come for me to quit arguing about what my medical benefits should be and start using those I have. I am no longer competent to guide our lawsuit. The only way I know to break an addiction is to go cold turkey so I will be withdrawing as a plaintiff and resigning as President of the UCLRG Legal Defense Fund.


I am easy to replace as a plaintiff but it may be more difficult to replace me as President. If we donÕt find someone to become the new president, we will have to terminate the Fund and contributions will no longer be deductible. Furthermore, any funds left at termination must be donated to another 501(c)3 charity.


There is no clear correlation between my activities and the titles I hold so the new president can have a good deal of discretion in picking appropriate responsibilities and delegating others. There are a few things the Fund must do to continue.


Statutory requirements:


  1. Have at least 4 officers including President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  2. Annually file tax forms with the State and Feds.
  3. Annually file a form with the State Attorney General.
  4. File a form with the State Secretary of State every 5 years.
  5. Use donations for charitable purposes as specified in our Articles of Association.
  6. Keep a journal of Fund activities and commitments.
  7. Provide appropriate receipts to donors.


Pragmatic requirements:


  1. Direct our legal path.
  2. Negotiate and sign contracts with our attorneys.
  3. Interact with interested parties.




  1. Maintain our Web Site.
  2. Produce periodic status reports.
  3. Other appropriate activities.


Most of these items can be delegated to others if the new President is not a dictatorial control freak.