UCLRG Status Report 10/4/11



Orange County Case:


The hearing on the Orange County Case was held in San Francisco on 10/3/11. We weren’t able to attend but Carl Whitaker supplied us with two articles on the hearing.  They are posted on the website in the archive under the “news Articles” heading. The situation in Orange County is similar to ours.  Retirees were removed from a county wide medical retirement pool and placed in a separate pool thereby increasing their medical costs. Some listeners came away believing the hearing favored the retiree’s case and others believe it favored the County case. All we can do is wait for the final ruling.



UCLRG Legal Defense Fund Treasurer:


Barbra Sokoloski took several months vacation this summer. Donna Ventura agreed to fill in for her and has been handling our funds. Barbara is now back and resuming her duties. We would like to thank Donna for her help during Barbara’s absence, especially with the fund raising. By the time you read this, the web site should be updated to direct any additional contributions to Barbara.



Non-Profit Status:


We have had an acknowledgement of our submission and a letter informing us our application has been assigned to an Exempt Organization specialist. They are currently assigning applications received in March 2011 so it may be some time before we hear anything.