UCLRG Status Report 11/10/09


Open Enrollment


Now that it is open enrollment time, it seems to be difficult to get cost information from LLNS or Extend Health. With the help of Wayne Shotts, we have posted limited cost information and comparisons with UC costs where possible. A new heading, “2010 Open Enrollment”, now appears on the left side of the web page, llnlretiree.com, with the information we have available. If you have any information that should be included, especially missing costs for the LLNS-UC cost comparison table, please send it in so the web page can be updated.


For any of you covered by Medicare, you can enroll in Kaiser by contacting Hewitt, www.ybr.com/benefits/llns before the 20th, when Hewitt open enrollment closes. Kaiser is open to everyone this year but is not available from Extend Health.


LLNS has decided to prorate the retiree medical costs based on years of service for those with less than 20 years. UC doesn’t do that so the cost gap between UC and LLNS will increase for those with less than 20 years of service. That is just one more arbitrary change DOE can make as long as they are in control of our benefits.



Legal Front


I talked with John Stember on Monday. I should have the initial evaluation of our situation late this week or next week, depending on the impact of the questions he asked me. Unfortunately, when I get it, I will not be able to distribute it because it will contain information we don’t want UC, LLNS and DOE to have. I will try to generate an innocuous summary that will contain enough information to guide our next steps. That will probably take some back and forth with the lawyers before it is ready for distribution. 


We have had no feedback from the UC Council.