Status update


With the addition of four interested parties yesterday, there are 25 yes votes and 0 no votes. While that is a good start, we need more support. There are several I should reply to, but my wife says I canŐt quit my day job, so I am a little slow. 


I have placed a notice in the local papers asking retirees to contact me. Unfortunately the newspaper is gun shy and will not print a notice that may result in legal action, so I couldnŐt tell why they should contact me.  I also contacted the Tri Valley Herald reporter that deals with LLNL to see if an article was possible. She sounded receptive, but is now out of town until next week, so the possibility will have to wait. I am drafting a letter to the editor to see if that will go anywhere.  If I get one I like, I will send it in and also post it on our blog ( ). If any of you are so inclined, you might also try. I suspect several letters on the same subject would make it more likely that one will be printed.


On the legal front, I am still trying. After 10 days, the Alameda Bar Association emailed me to tell me they canŐt find anyone to talk to me. They sent me a couple of leads that I will investigate. I emailed the San Francisco Bar Association. They called me back yesterday for more information. They try for a 2 day turnaround, but so does Alameda. Ned Dairiki suggested SPSE might be able to help us. I have emailed and called them and am waiting for a call back.


ItŐs probably time to do some strategic planning. I will try to post some thoughts on the blog in the next few days.