Status Report 11/20/10



Call for Help


We are looking for a paper copy of the letter George Miller sent to all employees on 10/6/2008. If you have a copy, please let me know. 


We have a reporter from The Bay Citizen looking for stories of human interest to supplement an article on our case. She wants "Someone who has suffered financially or health-wise as a result of this situation. Perhaps been dropped from insurance altogether in the confusion".  If you think your situation makes you a candidate and you are willing to talk to her, please let me know. This is on a short fuse, so please let me know as soon as possible.


Legal Front


UC filed a form asking to have our case categorized as “complex”. That means a long drawn out case requiring special judicial handling.  We have filed a response saying hogwash in legalese. The filings are on the web site under legal documents.


We have requested a short extension to respond to the Regents' Demurrer.  I spoke to the attorney for UC and she agreed.  We are submitting a stipulation to the Court to move the date for our opposition to Nov 22. This stipulation is likely to be granted by the Court. UC's reply would then be due Dec 6 and the hearing would be on Dec 16 or 17 or as soon thereafter as the Court could set it.




So far, we have had an entry in the California Watch Blog,

and an article in the Daily Cal. We are still working on the possibility of a New York Times article in the local edition.


UCLRG Legal Defense Fund


We are preparing a revised charter so we can qualify as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization making our contributions deductible. The rules have changed since we were originally formed and we will have to incorporate to get the job done.