UCLRG Status Report 11/22/13


New UCLRG Defense Fund President


One person, Marty Crowningshield, was willing to step forward and assume the Presidency to keep the Fund operational. After interviewing him, we determined that he would be suitable for the job. On Nov. 9th the board of directors met, voted unanimously to make him the new President and accept the resignation of the old President. There will be a brief transition period to let Marty get up to speed.  Congratulations Marty!


Verifying our Tax Exempt Status


Some of you had trouble convincing your tax preparers last year that we were a public charity and therefore tax exempt. We have added three links to our web page, under Quick Links, to allow you and/or your tax preparer to check our status:


IRS Charity Notification – IRS Letter establishing our 501(c)3 status

CA Association Notification – CA Secretary of State Association Recognition.

Check Charity Status – Instructions to check our current State and Fed Status




I expected to complete this crusade when I started it. Like many expectations, reality eventually stepped in and I couldnŐt complete the work. We have moved far enough forward that most of the remaining work is up to our lawyers. I will remain a member of the group, watching from the sidelines, and still expect us to win.


I would like to thank you all for the kind notes of support both recently and through the years. I would also like to thank those special people who were willing to help educate me so I could accomplish what I did.