Status Report 12/29/10



Out of Left Field:


The SF Chronicle had an article today on top UC Executives threatening to sue UC for increased retirement benefits retroactive to 2007. Here is a link to the story:



Legal Situation:


Our lawyers and I attended a hearing on December 21 dealing with UCs petition for a demurrer. The judge was not convinced that we had demonstrated a contract we could ask him to enforce. Final action on the demurrer will be postponed while we modify our arguments to show the probable existence of a contract. The length of the postponement has not yet been set. The case conference will be delayed until action on the demurrer request is complete. The finding is a setback, but hopefully not a fatal one.






The story about our lawsuit that has been pending for over a month for publication in the local edition of the New York Times. It is finally going to run this Sunday as the feature story in the Bay Area section. Yesterday and today the plaintiffs had their pictures taken for the article. The article will be posted on our website as soon as we have a URL for it.