Now that the holidays are over, it is time for another report.


If you agree that Ms. Lapp did not address our issue, see Joyce MouldenÕs less restrained reply to Ms. Lapp (below). For any other members of the group that received Ms. LappÕs message, you now have two sample replies to help guide you in your response. Please let her know we are unsatisfied with her answer. Be sure to copy the Regents.


The legal situation remains grim. I received another rejection slip from a potential lawyer Saturday.


My daughter works at a ChiropractorÕs office and reports that their LLNL patients have no idea what is going on.  They donÕt know what benefits they have or donÕt have. Clearly LLNS has not succeeded in providing acceptable medical benefits for them. We need to keep pounding on UC and LLNS.


You might enjoy the following description of the LLCs running the Labs.

ŌTo explain, the Companies themselves have little or nothing in the way of financial or capital assets, being dedicated, single-purpose entities created for the sole purpose of accepting and performing the DOE contracts. They also have no significant staff, expertise, or experience of their own, apart from the contract workforce that is resident at LANL and LLNL. Recognizing this, NNSA expects the parent organizations to provide oversight and support to the operations of the Companies in all areas of contract operations.Ķ

Would you trust one of the companies to provide your medical coverage?


I am getting to the point of desperation, so I have been considering new approaches. If any of you are AARP members, consider contacting them for help. The best help would be to pursue litigation against UC, but helping find a lawyer would be satisfactory. Any other help or suggestions are solicited.





Dear Ms. Lapp

I appreciate your response to my inquiry.  I am delighted to hear that the Regents have chosen you to speak on their behalf. 


Restating the status quo neither acknowledges nor addresses my concerns. Believe me, I do NOT need you or the Regents to remind me to "take full advantage of these resources to fully understand the options and benefits being provided so [I] can make an informed decision." I do not need you to guilt-trip me that "care has been taken by the Department." I do certainly appreciate that our benefits were not cancelled altogether. It still does not change the fact that what is going on is just plain wrong.


Perhaps I have not been clear enough, first: I am a UC Retiree. My retirement check comes from UC. 

Second, UC paid my medical benefits until LLNS took over the management contract. I don't want LLNS involved with my benefits.

Finally, UC should be responsible for providing me the same medical benefits as the rest of its retirees.


You may err in your belief that "LLNS is using its best efforts" with respect to retirees. This issue really needs some additional oversight and change.


Would you, or another individual selected by the Regents, please address my issue ? Thank you for your further assistance.


Dr. Joyce Moulden