UCLRG Status Report 1/26/11





We put together a web page update and status report on January 6th but failed to send the information so some of the news stories included in the current web page update are old news by now.




We had a slow start, but ended up with some important stories including the New York Times the first of the year.  All of the news stories to date have been added to the website. We expect one more in the Independent tomorrow and will post it as soon as it is available. We have decided to spend the additional $2,000 the executive committee agreed to if we needed it for follow up on the results of the initial $4,000 investment.


Legal Activity


Our lawyers filed a revised response on the 124th to UC’s request for a demurrer. The primary change was to modify our first cause of action from “Breach of Contract” to “Breach of Implied Contract”.  To support the new cause, a number of the statements promising continued medical benefits after retirement published over the last 30+ years in various Lab handouts were included in an Appendix.


Since we were allowed a do over, UC will also be allowed one. They will probably be given about 30 days to develop their rebuttal.  The Judge will then take time to formulate his opinion. We haven’t asked, but we assume the Judge then has three options, grant the Demurrer, deny the Demurrer or schedule a hearing to elicit more facts before making a decision. We won’t venture a guess on the time involved.


Non-Profit Status


We have revised our Articles of Association to contain the assertions required by the State and Federal governments to qualify as a non-profit organization and filed them with the Secretary of State of California. We are working on preparing the Federal application so it will be ready when we get a response from the state.