Status Report 2/21/10


Legal Status:


We have finally gotten a definitive answer from our lawyers. They are not willing to break the next legal phase into two parts. They propose to prepare and file a suit, defend it from attempts of dismissal and go through discovery to prepare to take the suit to court. They require us to commit to funding the work at a cost of $150,000. Trial costs will be in addition to that. We believe that, as a part of discovery, we will be able to get contact information for all affected retirees and recruit lots of new members to help finance the trial if necessary. There is always the possibility that some currently unknown information will emerge in the process that will make our suit untenable. If that happens, we will cease legal activity and return the unused funds to our donors on a prorated basis.


Fund Drive:


Our initial fund drive raised $90,000 and we spent $15,000 for an initial opinion on the viability of our suit. That left us with $75,000 of the $150,000 required. Our second fund drive has raised $23,000 to date so we need an additional $52,000. We donŐt believe we will meet our goal with the current fund drive unless we locate more retirees to solicit from or find new ways to obtain more funds. 


Pursuing legal action is the only course left to us and a lack of funds to do so will make all efforts to date useless. If you intend to donate, please do so as soon as possible.


Expanding our Membership:


We believe we have reached most of the retirees that communicate regularly by email. We have not tried to recruit retirees that rarely or never use email. We have a list of people and phone numbers, scavenged from our petitions, that we have no email addresses for and that we can try to reach. We also have a list of people that signed the petitions but didnŐt give their phone numbers. We have posted a link to that list under the ŇLast UpdatedÓ heading on our web site If you have contact information for any of the people on the list, please pass it on to us. Some of you may also have names that should be added to our contact list. If you have names and phone numbers or email addresses for retirees that you think should be on our list, please send them to us. We will check the names we receive and, for those not already on our email list, we will add them to our list of people to contact.


A number of you have offered to help in the past, but we didnŐt have assignments to pass out. Now we need help to make telephone contact with potential new candidates. We also need people willing to act as information sources, keeping retirees without computer skills and/or email access informed of our activities. Finally, we would like someone to organize and co-ordinate telephone contact activities.