UCLRG Status Report  2/28/12




Legal Filing



We filed our initial appeal brief on 2/27/12. It is not so brief at 40 pages. It is posted under legal filings on our website (llnlretiree.com) for those that would like to read it.


For those who would rather not read it, it relies heavily on the “Orange County” case.  It points out that most of the conclusions used to justify granting of a Demurrer to UC run directly counter to the Supreme Court’s reasoning in that case. In addition, it restates all of our asserted causes of action and re-justifies them.  


We find it a very convincing document but it is just possible that we are slightly biased. The proof will come when we see UC’s response. We are sure there are enough precedents floating around that UC can find some to use against us, but we doubt that it will be enough.


UC has until 5/29/12 to respond. The time frame is based on tit for tat; we requested delays to prepare our brief so UC is automatically granted the same amount of time to prepare their response.



Fund Collection



We are up to $64,000 in our fund drive. It doesn’t look like we will meet the March 1 deadline for raising $75,000. We are still negotiating a contract with our lawyers for the appeal. They are willing to extend the deadline if we are willing to commit $65,000 and use our best efforts to raise the additional $10,000. If you are considering donating and have not yet done so, or if you are willing to add a bit to your previous donation, now is the time to do so. It makes us nervous to operate without a contract.



Lab Management Issues


The National Research Council released its report on the effects of the management change on the scientific work preformed at the Lab.  It was critical of both NNSA and LLNS. Two articles that appeared in the Independent have been added the news articles on our website. A preprint of the initial report is available at the following link.




Fellow victims


130 ex-Lab employees who were fired as soon as legally possible after the management transfer to LLNS are suing LLNS for illegally firing them and would like your support. They have made a YouTube video about their situation.

Watch the video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5xc2TGJkX0