UCLRG Status Report 2/2/12


My computer is failing and I may have missed some Emails. If you sent me a question and didn't get an answer, please resend it.This report is also late due to the problem. I have purchased a replacement computer and am in the process of rebuilding my data and software.

Fund Raising:

As of January 28, we have $53,000 and need an additional $22,000 to meet our goal of appealing the Demurrer granted to UC so if you plan on contributing but have not done so, now is the time. I am attempting to keep our website (llnlretiree.com) relatively up to date so you can check progress there.

Legal Schedule:

We have been granted an additional 30 days file our Appeal Brief. The delay was necessary because of the Holidays and our Lawyers' workloads. The brief is now due February 27.

Legal Contract:

We are working on the (hopefully) final draft of the contract for legal services to pursue our appeal. When it is done, Both our Lawyers and the UCLRG Legal Defense Fund needs to approve and sign it. In the mean time, legal work continues and will be billed to us when the contract is signed.