UCLRG Status Report 3/21/11


Legal Calendar


Rather than having a Court hearing on UC’s Petition for a Demurrer, our lawyers and UC’s lawyers have agreed to a third round of filings before a hearing occurs.They have agreed on a proposed schedule:


1.                            We are scheduled to file a new opposition to UC’s Petition for Demurrer on 4/4/11

2.                            UC is scheduled to respond by 4/27/11.

3.                            The hearing on the Demurrer will be 5/5/11 or as soon thereafter as convenient for the Court.


Legal Activity


We have begun to receive UC documents requested under the California Public Records Act. UC has requested documents from us pertaining to our first and second oppositions to the Demurrer. The have requested each of the documents we referenced in our first and second oppositions to the Demurrer as well as any other documents we have that are related to the two oppositions. Our lawyers have the specific documents and will provide them as well as any other documents they have that they believe are covered by the request. The plaintiffs have to look for any other related documents.


LANL Contact


Laboratory Retiree Group, Inc. (LRG), the LANL Retiree group, has contacted us about their activities with respect to retiree medical benefits. The LANS contract has not been modified to allow retroactive changes in their medical benefits, so they believe they can enforce the “essentially equivalent” clause to help all of their retirees including those that retire from LANS after taking TCP1. They are planning on political action to make their case. They are in a different position than our official LLNL Retirees Organization because they are formed under IRS code section 501(c)(4) and are allowed to participate in political activities. We are looking into the possibility of working with them.