Status Report 3/26/10


Fund Drive:


We are still short of our funding goal of $150,000 to initiate the next legal step. We will also need a small amount for operating expenses tax applications, outreach etc. so we hope to exceed our goal. If you are on the fence about contributing, now is the time to fall off on our side. We will be filing a form 990 EZ that covers our finances for 2009. The IRS considers it a public document so we will probably publish it on our web site.


We appreciate your contributions to the fund drive. We are sending receipts periodically so you have assurance we received your donation. Email receipts were sent out to all donors for whom we have email addresses. Snail mail receipts went to the post office today. If you made a contribution and donŐt receive a receipt, please contact us so we can determine what went wrong.



Tax Treatment for Donations


I talked to the IRS today about the deductibility of our donations. I was told that donors should deduct them as a charitable contribution for 2009. We plan to file a formal request to become a tax exempt public charity (form 1023) this fall. I would like to wait until the online application system comes on line if possible since using it would save us $750. If the IRS decides we donŐt qualify as a public charity, donors should file an amended return to reflect that the deduction was in error.


We hope to have the issue settled before you have to do your 2010 taxes.



Web Site


Someone finally pointed out that our web site has problems. Apparently frames donŐt work the same in all browsers. If the first page comes up with a large blank area on the right side and has a scroll bar on the right, you are not receiving it properly. I know the problem exists with Internet Explorer 7 and 8. We will be developing a new web page to correct the problem. If you have any suggestions for additions to the web site, this is the time to voice them.



Email Addresses


We have continuing problems with keeping our email addresses up to date. If you change your email address and want to continue receiving our emails, please notify us of the changes.