UCLRG Status Report 4/12/10


Fund Drive:


Mission Accomplished - President George Bush May 1, 2003

Mission Accomplished - Joe Requa April 12, 2010


You have contributed enough money to put us over the $150,000 our lawyers believe is the minimum necessary to pursue our case. We are currently working with our lawyers to get an agreement for their services in place so they can begin work on our case. Lawyers work on court time, which seems to run much slower than real time, so there may be a short delay before that happens. Since it won't be a fixed price agreement, we will continue to collect funds for future needs.


Like George, I feel that success in raising enough funds to continue has won the war and I can now relax and let the lawyers sort out the details. Unfortunately, we just won one battle and I expect the war to persist for some time so I will need your continued help.   



UCLRG Legal Defense Fund:


The IRS told me that we donŐt need to file for tax-exempt status until later this fall. We do have to file a form 990EZ that is prepared and ready to send. Before the end of the year, the IRS is supposed to have an online system in place for filing for a tax exemption which will reduce the filing fee from $950 to $ 200 so I will try to wait them out.