UCLRG Status Report 4/15/12



Funding Status


We didnŐt quite meet our goal, but we came close enough that the amount available was enough to satisfy our lawyers. On Monday, we will send the initial escrow check and the signed contract to our lawyers. We will send a second escrow check at the time the Regents file their brief.



 Legal Situation


The Regents are currently scheduled to file their brief, responding to our initial filing, on May 26th.  As usual, they may ask for an extension, so donŐt hold your breath.  We have no idea what arguments they will advance to try and convince the Judge to uphold the Demurrer so we will have to wait and see.



Tax Exempt Status


We have heard back from the IRS on our application for 501(c)(3) status. They are asking for additional information before making a determination. All of their questions seem reasonable and non-threatening so we shouldnŐt have any trouble with them. Lobbying activities seem to be a key issue. We have no plans to do any lobbying, however we can file form 5768 which would allow us some involvement in lobbying. We donŐt see any down side to filing, so we may decide to do so after talking to the agent.


We have until the 25th of this month to respond.  We have been working on a response. Unfortunately, we already have over 100 pages of material, which seems a bit excessive, so we will be contacting the agent involved to see if we can send him what he needs rather than everything we think he might want.