Status  Report 5/10/10


Legal Situation:


We received a proposed agreement for legal services on April 23, 2010. We asked for some minor modifications to the agreement and asked for clarification on some parts of the agreement on April 26. We received an updated agreement and a clarification letter on May 5. We reviewed the clarifications and found them satisfactory. On May 10, we signed the agreement and hand delivered it and a retainer check for $50,000 to Tom SinclairÕs office.  That initiates the next legal phase of our challenge to the legality of UCÕs dropping our retiree medical coverage. The agreement is considered to be lawyer/client confidential, so we canÕt distribute it. We are getting the same discount from the law firms as we got in the first legal phase.


Our lawyers have to put together an appropriate complaint and submit it to the court. In theory, UC has to respond in 30 days, but customary practice would be for UC to ask for an additional 30 days to analyze the complaint and for our lawyers to agree to the delay. That means that it will probably be at least 3 months before we get any feedback on what is happening. In the mean time we will se if we can declassify some of the information about how things will proceed and distribute it.


Donation Receipts:


We have sent receipts for all donations made prior to about 4/5/10. We will be sending out the next batch of receipts in a few days. We are sending them by email whenever possible. We only send paper receipts to donors we have no email address for. If you sent a donation before 4/5/10 and have not received a receipt, please let us know.