UCLRG Status Report 5/4/11


Legal Situation


UC filed itÕs final argument in favor of a Demurrer on 4/27/11 as scheduled. Yesterday, the judge decided to reschedule the hearing on the demurrer from 5/5/11 to 5/18/11 so our status will be in limbo for a while longer. If he denies the Demurrer, we will continue with business as usual. If he sustains the Demurrer, we have 90 days to decide if we want to appeal. We donÕt know exactly what that would entail and hope to never find out.


Support Group


I had an email today from Nuclear Care Partners (NCP). Since it may be useful to some of you or your friends, here is what it says:


ÒMy name is Leslie and I am a Registered Nurse with Nuclear Care Partners (NCP).  I received your name and contact info from a former Department of Energy worker who I am currently working with to set up in-home services for (Albert Edge of Dublin).  NCP is an approved provider under the Department of Labor.  We work exclusively with former Department of Energy workers/vendors/subcontractors who have been diagnosed with chronic illness resulting from their exposure to toxins in the workplace.  Based on their needs, we provide physician directed in-home services ranging from home health aide/ CNA assistance with ADLs, meal preparation, housekeeping, yardwork, laundry, transportation and medication reminders combined with skilled nursing care and assessments.  We take a very proactive/ preventative healthcare approach with our goal being to keep them out of the hospital and as healthy as possible for as long as possible.  When needed, we can also train, support and financially compensate a family caregiver for all of the care they provide in the home for the claimant.  We are not involved in the claimant's approval process, rather we step in if in-home services would benefit the family following the claim approval (they need to have received a DOL Medical Benefits Identification Card to qualify for services).  These services are free to qualified claimants with no co-pays or deductibles associated.  We are active in the Tri-Valley community trying to spread the word about this free in-home service to qualifying former DOE employees by educating doctor offices, hospitals, senior centers, support groups, retirement communities, etc.  Our mission to educate those who may qualify has been well received in the community; however, we are saddened by how few people in this population even know about the benefits they are entitled to through this program. These in-home services are in addition to coverage for medical care received, medications and treatments and the claimant can never be billed for any services they receive through our program.  


Albert pointed us in your direction and we are hoping you have some insight into how we can better reach out to this population with education about this program and the services available to them. If there is anything you could recommend to help us better serve these families, please let us know.  We would love to meet with you sometime in person.  Thanks so much for your time



Nuclear Care Partners, LLC

Office:  888.525.5111

Fax:  888.525.5115



An Aside


I have some California weather data from 1896 to 1901 from a notebook kept at the family ranch. If you know anyone that might make good use of the data, have them contact me,


Weather/Precipitation Journal for Valentine Requa Ranch Located 39¼ 36' 38.98" North, 123¼ 28' 06.33" West Elevation  2012' About 5 miles south southwest of Laytonville, Mendocino County, California