UCLRG Status Report 6/18/12


Tax Exempt Status:


The IRS has finally completed processing our application. We are now recognized as a Public Charity. Our contributions made after July 20, 2009 are tax deductible. My belief is that it should have been June 20 since that was when we were formed. We will have to check further to determine if an error has been made. Our DLN (Document Locator Number) is 17053243345031. This number identifies the location, in the IRS filing system, of the letter confirming our exemption.


Legal Status:


I gave the wrong date of our next filing in the last report. Our extension was from June 20 to July 6. The website is also in error and will be corrected.


Acting Treasurer:


Barbara and Walt Sokoloski are taking a trip. Donna Ventura has agreed to be acting treasurer while they are gone. Donna has moved so contributions should be sent to:


UCLRG Legal Defense Fund

C/O Donna Ventura

7446 Oxford Circle

Dublin, CA  94568