Status Report 6/24/10



Legal Situation


Watching lawyers work is almost as exciting as watching grass grow. So far, they have set their initial strategy and exchanging drafts of the document to be filed. Their approach is one that I didnÕt know was available, but seems to meet our requirements. If it werenÕt for lawyer client privilege, I could tell you what it is.


Dov got the job of identifying the best plaintiffs for the case. I gave him the list of willing volunteers, told him what I know about each and answered the questions he had. There will be only a small number of plaintiffs and I believe they have been chosen, but I canÕt say how many or who.


I have asked about the timetable for getting papers filed but have not received a response.



New Web Site


I modified the website some time ago to eliminate most of the frames. It now works correctly for people using Windows and Network Navigator.  I also made some changes to the lists of documents available.