“July 15, 2009 - Corrected Version


Mark G. Yudof, President

University of California

Office of the President

1111 Franklin Street, 12th Floor

Oakland, CA   94607


Dear President Yudof:


I am writing on behalf of the nearly 5,500 University of California Lawrence Livermore National Lab (UC/LLNL) retirees who are requesting UC honor its commitment to provide them access to the quality health care benefits they earned and specifically, to reinstate UC/LLNL retirees to a health benefit program the same as UC provides to its retirees.


These retired UC/LLNL employees honorably served UC as scientists, engineers and support staff. Throughout their tenures at UC, they were assured, through a negotiated contract, health benefits and a retirement package equal to those valuable benefits offered to UC retirees systemwide.


The transfer of LLNL from UC to the new Lawrence Livermore National Security (LLNS) LLC and subsequent actions, have resulted in reduced and differential health care benefits for UC/LLNL retirees.  As I understand, last September, UC/LLNL retiree health care benefits were significantly reduced with no forewarning, leaving these retirees with benefits inferior to those offered to other UC retirees. 


The University of California has an obligation to fulfill its commitment and serve those who chose to serve the university.  I respectfully ask for your immediate attention to this important issue and seek your assistance in finding a resolution that would give UC/LLNL retirees equitable retirement benefits they deserve.







Lieutenant Governor 

Regent, University of California 


CC: Board of Regents”