Dick EppsÕ daughter works at Davis and occasionally sends Dick information that may be of use to us. This one needs distributing.




Hi Joe,                          07/17/09


      Just received the following from my daughter;



At our office staff meeting which just concluded, there was mention of an alert being sent out from UCOP (office of the president) to the campuses.  It seems there is a a telephone scam going around the UC Retirees.  Someone purporting to be a company called Nationwide is phoning retirees and requesting personal info (date-of-birth) preliminary to sending packages from UC to the retiree.  This is a scam Š UC is not sending anything to anyone, and they have not contracted with Nationwide to make these calls.  Just hang-up if you receive any such request.



Fund Collection


We have passed 65% of our goal for funding. I have updated the thermometer on our web site to reflect that.


We have not cashed any donations and have not opened a bank account yet. I intend to put the registration form for UCLRG Legal Defense Fund in the mail tomorrow.

We will open an account at US Bank and deposit cashiers checks and money orders that expire within 30 days of purchase. We will continue to hold checks until we get a proposal from our lawyers or the checks near their 90 day limit for cashing. It probably wonÕt happen, but we can still hope for a breakthrough before we need to cash the checks.


I am in the process of getting receipt confirmations emailed to our contributors inthe next few days. I am sending the confirmations using applescript to read our database and generate the emails. There is a limited amount of testing I can do before a live trial. I am also handicapped by having an incomplete list of names to go with my email addresses, so some contributors will not get a confirmation. Others may get the wrong amount. Some non-contributors may get a confirmation. The rules for what to do are as follows:


 1. If you get a confirmation of the correct amount you donÕt have to do anything.

 2. If you get a confirmation for the wrong amount, or you did not contribute and you received a confirmation, email me your first and last name and amount confirmed so I can see what went wrong and fix it. 

3. If you should have received a confirmation but did not, email me your first and last name so I can add them to my email database and send your confirmation. I will post a notice on the new website, when the confirmations have been sent so you know when to complain,


Several group members have told me they believe their contributions are deductible as a legal expense.  I can neither confirm nor deny that opinion. We are going to try to become a tax-exempt charitable group, but we are not at this time.