New Web Site


We have purchased a domain name and web hosting from 1and1 at a cost of $10 per month. It was delivered yesterday and I have put up an enhanced web page. Type in the navigation bar of your web browser to see it. I am having a bit of trouble hooking the mail services to Mac Mail, so I will try sending using Webmail. If it works, it will allow me to communicate on a more regular basis. Funneling bulk email through ComcastŐs mail service is a major hassle.




We have passed the half way point of our attempt to raise $100,000. We have not cashed any checks yet because we want to keep the option of returning them if a miracle happens and UC comes to its senses. Our lawyers are preparing a proposal for where we go next. We have formed the UCLRG Legal Defense Fund to manage the money. When we see the proposal and, hopefully, accept it, we will start cashing checks.


UC Regent Meeting


With the help of John Garamendi, Regent and Lieutenant Governor, Manuel Perry has arranged for us to give a short presentation at the July RegentŐs meeting. President Yudof agreed to allow us on the agenda so he is aware of the presentation. He is the only one to respond to our group petitions to date. He said to keep working with the UC CouncilŐs office, which means Jeff Blair. I have attached a copy of president YudofŐs response to this email. Manuel assembled a group of retired managers and other interested parties, including me, to help prepare the presentation.  That should satisfy the people who wondered if we had various groups working at cross purposes and not communicating.