Status 8/15/08



Legal Situation


We have signed a contract with three legal firms, Stember Feinstein Doyle and Payne, Sinclair Law Office and Carter Carter, Fries and Grunschlag, for an analysis of our legal situation.  When they are through, we should have:


An analysis of our legal claims.

An evaluation of the strength of our claims.

A determination of relief available.

The possibility of a partial or full contingency agreement.



Documents Needed


In the past, I asked for retiree documents. I have a list of documents that have been offered, but have not collected any. I am now asking about a wider class of documents.  Our lawyers have said,


ŇWe would like you (the retiree organizations) to pull together everything you can find from past handbooks, policies, brochures, letters, etc., for LLNL, UC and/or UCRP that says anything about medical benefits after retirement.  These materials are very important and may play a pivotal role in evaluating the strength of your caseÓ


They prefer original documents, but are willing to work with copies if necessary. I will start collecting immediately. Here are some ground rules for collecting:


If you are providing original documents or copies you would like back, please mark each item with your name.


Documents can be mailed to me at:

Joe Requa

563 Brookfield Dr,

Livermore, CA 94551


Documents can be delivered to me at the same address. I will provide a drop off box on the front porch to collect documents that arrive when I am not home. Call me at 925-443-0120 to be sure I am home if you donŐt like the idea of a drop box.


If you live in the area and canŐt drop documents off, call me at 925-443-0120 and arrange to have them picked up.


A fax is the court of last resort. My computer would be happy to receive a fax if it were attached to a phone line. If necessary, I can probably cobble something together.  If you need to fax, give me a call.


I am not going to try to avoid receiving duplicates. As documents come in that are clearly identifiable, I will make a list and post a link to the list on the website so you can check for duplication before sending.  Please donŐt hold documents to see if they get posted. I would like to have as many documents as possible within a week. The more I get the better our case.


Fund Collecting


Actually taking some action resulted in a number of new donations. We have reached 78% of our goal.


Web Site Problem


For some reason I havenŐt identified, the link to President YudofŐs reply to John Garamendi fails for some people. If you canŐt get to it and would like a copy, send me an email and I will send it to you.