Status Update 8/5/09


Fund Collection


Our treasurer is unavailable at the moment, but we have probably reached 3/4 of our goal at the present. I will update the website when I am sure we have reached that point.


UC Negotiations


The first meeting between Manuel Perry and John Holzrichter and the UC Counsel has taken place. They stated our position to Charles Robinson, Barbara Clark and Jeff Blair. The UC lawyers seem to understand our problem. I canÕt go into detail since I was not present. The ball is now in their court.


President Yudof answered John GaramendiÕs letter. I have posted it on the website.


Legal Progress


We have received a proposal from our lawyers. They have offered us a rate, significantly lower than their normal charges, to analyze our problem.


For $15,000 they are offering to:


1 Analyze our legal claims arising from the transfer of liability.

2 Evaluate the strength of our claims.

3 Determine relief available.

4 Evaluate the possibility of a partial or full contingency.


Since that is a significantly lower price than I was expecting, it looks like a good deal to me.


UCLRG Legal Defense Fund Balloting


One of the things that came with our web services is server side processing. I plan to use it send a ballot to each of the people that contributed to the fund so they can vote whether they like the legal offer. You should be aware that this will not be a secret ballot because the ballot requires your name and email address. With that, I can check to see that all votes are valid.


The ballot feeds into a server database as the responses come in. I can download the database for detail or read statistics to get the percentage of yes and no votes. If this works out, we can take votes on other issues as they arise.


Everyone who contributed to the fund before the first of August, that I know the email address of, has received an acknowledgement of his/her/their contribution. If you made a contribution, have an email address, and have not received an acknowledgement, please send me an email so I can link your name and email address together. In return you will get an acknowledgement and a ballot.