UCLRG Status Report 8/5/11


Appeal Filing


On 7/29/11, we filed our notice of appeal. No future hearings have been scheduled. Our email notification didnŐt show up or we would have notified you earlier. We havenŐt received a new proposed contract yet but expect one soon.




Our website has been updated, including updating the fund thermometer, adding the new legal filings, and adding one Independent news article. Some retirees using Microsoft software could not see the fund thermometer on the website. This problem has now been fixed.


We have enough funds to make our first deposit of $25K in the AttorneyŐs escrow account but are far short of what we need to pursue our appeal.


Tax Exempt Status


We have been waiting since last year for the State of California to process our request to amend our Articles of Association. Apparently such requests are not being processed and there is no longer a way to ask about our status. They have cashed our check so we know it got in the right input queue. Tuesday we talked to the IRS about the situation. They pointed out that their Form 1023 requesting non-profit status doesnŐt  require our Articles to be approved by the state so we will file shortly. We have about two and a half months to do so.