Status Report 9/1/10


Legal Activity


We served UC with our petition for a writ of mandate on 8/19/10.  That officially starts the legal clock running. The next step is a court requirement for the parties to meet and confer no later than 9/25/10. We assume that UC will either respond to our filing or ask for an extension of time to respond by then. Our lawyers tell us it is very common for the party served to request a reasonable extension to respond, typically 30 days, and for us to grant such a request so that date is likely to be pushed back.


For those that like to interpret legal documents, the documents are posted on our website as the first compound document in the Legal category. The legal timeline laid out in the court papers is shown on the top of the web page.




We are in the process of deciding if we should hire a publicity agent to develop a press release and try to place it in the regional papers. Our intent would be to recruit more members, especially those without email, and solicit more funds. Publicity would cost money. $4,000 - $6,000, and might not bring in enough funds to cover the cost. More importantly, our efforts might backfire. The current state of the economy, UCÕs shortage of operating funds, and the furor about unfunded liabilities for public pensions may cause us to receive derision rather than sympathy for our plight. Add the difficulty of explaining, in a few paragraphs, why UCÕs provision of our medical benefits wonÕt cost UC money and you see why publicity could be a problem.


We sent a form to all of our contributors asking their opinions. At the moment, the vote is as follows:















As you can see, the Yes votes barely constitute the majority and there are a significant number of No votes. In our opinion, the arguments presented against purchasing publicity were more concrete than those in favor.




We have dropped the LANL Blog from our website because it is no longer being published. LANL folks seem to be posting on the LLNL Blog now.  WE have added a UCLRG Blog in its place. The Blog is set up so that people have to log in to use it. If you prefer your name not be attached to your comments, chose a fictitious name when you set up your account.  We intend to let everyone with an account follow the Blog and post comments on Blog entries. If you want to originate a Blog entry, email your entry to llnlretiree to get it posted. We are using the Bloging package provided by our internet service provider. It seems to lack documentation, so if things donÕt work the way you think they should, notify llnlretiree.


For those who donÕt want to go to the website to find the blog, will take you directly to it.


Website Update


We have added a legal timeline to the main page in place of the contribution thermometer.  We have also moved the court papers associated with our filing into the Legal Documents list under compound documents. They are treated as a compound document, one which brings up a list of related entries when the link is clicked.