UCLRG Status Report 9/21/13

 Legal Status:

 If no news is good news, we have plenty of good news.  Our attorneys are preparing the petition to change to a class action suit. We are just waiting for it to be complete.

 UC Open Enrollment:

 Out of state UC Medicare eligible retirees have received a letter and a brochure from UC, posted on our website under News Articles, notifying them that they have been removed from the UC group medical policies. The will now receive a $3,000 per year HRA as UCÓs contribution to their medical policy costs.  Extend Health will provide management for their policies. That will put them in the same situation as our Medicare eligible retirees but with an extra $600 per year for medical expenses. We donŐt have any information about the out of state non-Medicare eligible retirees.

 LANL Retiree Medical:-

 LANL called a meeting of all employees, to talk about important changes to Health Care for next year, on September 17.  We donŐt have any information on the content of the meeting.