Status Report 9/30/10


Legal Activity


UC has asked for and received permission to delay their reply to our filing until 10/5/10. That sets back the schedule for the rest of the legal events. The schedule has been updated on our web page. It is now as follows:


08/11/10 - Petition for Writ of Mandate filed.

08/13/10 - Notice of Case Management Conference.

08/19/10 - Regents Served with Petition.

08/23/10 - Regents acknowledged Petition.

10/05/10 - Meet and Confer.

10/20/10 - File Case Management Statement.

11/04/10 - Case Management Conference.





The executive council of UCLRG Legal Defense Fund met 2:00 pm, Sept 16th and approved negotiating with Carl to see if we could reach an agreement on the work that would be done. After a list of potential media outlets was added to the initial draft of the contract, we accepted and signed it. We have agreed to $4,000 for the initial contract. We are working to get a draft of a media statement completed by October 2 because llnlretiree will be on vacation October 3 10.